ZJ Heno Releases “Iz You Down” Video and It’s Really Dope!

When ZJ Heno told me he was looking for dope rappers on the come up because he’s working on a project that will require their skills, I was excited. So I recommended a couple to him and hopefully those tracks will be out soon.

He did however, inform me that the first track featured Lon Jon, Kayvo Kforce and Khaligraph Jones (who aren’t new rappers) but theirs was a collaboration that many Hip Hop fans have been asking for and it only took the right time, place and in this case, man to make that happen. That track is called “Iz You Down”. The audio has been out for a while now but the video only recently came out.

On Iz You Down, Kforce speaks about hustling and making a living off music while still bragging about him being the best and having fans all over Kenya. You know, just being a normal rapper.

Khaligaph sings the hook. You can tell it’s a little autotuned but the production is so good you can barely catch it unless you listen closely, or you have a good ear. He also raps about coming up from hardships (anyone who knows Khaligraph knows that he represents 1960, Kayole) and doing right by his mother.

Lon Jon finishes it up with pretty much the same message. Production was meticulous and the video was well shot and guess what? Believe it or not, this was shot in Jericho.

Here’s hoping that the rest of the music off this project will match Iz You Down and knowing Heno, they will match or probably surpass it.

Check out the video below. What do you think? Is you down with it or not?


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