Zia Africa Opens Store At The Village Market

Made in Kenya clothing brand, Zia Africa opens shop at the Village Market. The local brand owned by Zia Bett Nyamari, is a sustainable clothing brand that seeks to provide access to unique, quality, and timeless fashion.

Zia, who is passionate about women’s empowerment and creating a sustainable fashion industry promises to cater to plus-size women, size 20- 24+. Zia Africa transitioned to a sustainable brand by introducing natural fabrics that are 100 percent cotton after a 10-year period.

The flagship store opening is a testament to the rapid growth of the local fashion industry. And Zia Africa joining other brands such as Vivo Activewear/Woman and IKOJN has been met with much consumer excitement.

Since 2013, Zia has been a household brand in the Kenyan fashion industry. What started out as a side hustle, has quickly become a movement to champion sustainable fashion in Africa. By 2025, the Zia sustainability strategy aims to drive the brand to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Africa.