Zen Garden Celebrates Haute Couture

Every year in February, the Zen Garden hosts a High Tea to celebrate Haute Couture.  I can hear you asking, what the hell is that anyway, Haute Couture? Well, for one thing, it’s not your every day ready to wear outfit which you may have picked up at your favourite Mr. Price outlet. Or whichever department store you choose to shop at. Haute Couture is individualistic, unique and High Fashion. Definition? Luxurious and expensive.

On Saturday the 25th of February, the Zen Garden will see collections from top designers showcasing their works in various fields from apparel to accessories, jewellery, hats, bags and everything in between. For the steep price of Ksh 6,500 you get to be a part of this annual event which is actually hosted to support various charitable causes. If you aren’t coming for the fashion, then perhaps the social credit (read, a lit Instagram!) might appeal to you. The High Tea has in the past, always attracted Nairobi’s elite, the crème de la crème, selling out to high profile guests and personalities.

So far, only a handful of designers have been confirmed for the event. Here are some of them.

Micheal Soi Studio

You know him best for his tote bags and probably (like me) started to take notice when Oscar award winning actress (yes we must always say her title) Lupita Nyong’o posted a photo on her Instagram page declaring “What’s not to love,” about the bags!

Soi’s work is quite unique in its bold use of bright colours and cheeky representation of  “the economics of love, commercial sex work and popular culture.”

Mia Kora

The duo of two friends, Priya Shah and Charanjeet Mehangra, are creating “Art you can wear,” in the form of shawls and scarves.  “Our aim was to create scarves that are fun, colourful and on trend,” they say on their Facebook page.

Aside from showcasing their 2017 collection, a new Wellbeing Collection will also be available exclusively at the event.

Check them out Here.


Jewellery made by hand in India, that incorporates naturally sourced precious & semi precious stones in a very bold way is what you need if you’re looking for a statement piece.

They are passionate about jewellery and creates easy to wear pieces that help you stand out in a crowd.

Follow the Zen High Tea 2017 happenings on their Facebook page or their website Here.

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