Youtuber Chinese Kiki In Kenya To Educate Women On Safe Ways To Travel Abroad

Kenyan-born Influencer Lucy Kirogoi popularly known as Chinese Kiki will offer a few talks on how women can travel, live and date safely while abroad.

The Belgium-based YouTuber is visiting home but will take time to talk to the youth who are looking to study or move abroad.

“I’m here visiting but I will sensitize these issues while at it,” she said.

‘Many people think it’s all rosy when you go to Europe. Even dating in Europe needs one to have some tricks up their sleeve.”

Kiki said that she has seen how Covid 19 has made life miserable for foreigners in Europe especially those who are running small businesses.

“It’s not easy to be in a foreign country and be able to conduct a thriving business. Most foreigners are languishing silently as there’s no one to salvage their plight,” she added.

“I get so many inquiries about moving and working abroad as most people without a clue end up doing odd jobs and more often than not end up trapped in narcotics and sexual exploitation.”

She went on:

“It’s not easy to start up and establish your business in Europe just as much as surviving underemployment during the pandemic may be tricky as the business environment has been changing constantly. It’s the small decisions in detail that help someone to survive in a foreign land.”

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