YouTube Stars Over 25 Collabo With Home 254 For New Clothing Line

Kenyan YouTube Stars Over 25 have released a new cloth line in conjunction with the local brand Home 254.

The collection dubbed TRANSCENDENCE COLLECTION has been in the works for quite some time and is “a kind of evolution from the norms to achieving the impossible. It’s all about the state of excelling and going beyond normal limits” according to Home 254.

The collection is a celebration of the journey and friendship of the four women, Michelle Wanjiku, Ivy Mugo, Julia Gaitho, and Lorna Muchemi-Gatabaki, from their college days to their current status as well-established women. It also highlights the milestones and core values shared by the group and Home 254.

For Home 254 said the move is in line with their plan this year to work with local creators in building a theme that will thrill their customers.

“It’s their first collection of the year, which aligns with the 2023 theme of ‘building character’ by ushering in the year with new fashion pieces that have so much meaning to both brands,” said the clothing.

“And who better to work with on the debut 2023 collection than the transcendent Over 25 ladies? The collection consists of The varsity jacket, Three-piece sweat set, His and Hers and O25 shirt dress.”

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