‘You Again’ Set To Premiere At The Junction This Week

Local movie You Again is set to premiere on September 26th, 2019 at the Junction Mall.

The film features actors such as Nick Mutuma, Mimi Mars, Amalie Chopetta, Morris Mwangi, Neomi Nganga, Kate Snow, Eddie Mbugua, Brenda Anyango Ochieng, Lenana Kariba and Fareed Khimani to mention a few.

Mutuma is also a producer while it was written and directed by Natasha Likimani, well known for popular productions such as Veve and Mali.


You again is the story of Kingsley Baraza (Nick Mutuma) who finds himself working with his ex-Sophia (Mimi Mars) with whom he has a sketchy past.

These ex lovebirds must find a way to work together in a professional capacity regardless of how annoying they find each other.

The trailer was posted online a few days ago and has really impressed many.

The movie was sponsored by Darling Hair Ltd, Film Studios, Keyframe Ltd and MicroDrone Kenya.

You again is set to premiere on Thursday at the Junction Mall from 6pm to 8pm with the theme of the evening being yellow chic.

Tickets are available for purchase at KSh. 1,000 here.

Watch the trailer below:


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