Xtian Dela Reveals Why He Left His Kiss FM Job

Media personality Xtian Dela has hinted at why he quit his Kiss FM job despite the fact that he used to earn good pay from it.

His statement comes after the news that a former Classic 105 employee; Terry Muikamba sued Radio Africa for unfair dismissal alongside other complaints.

As indicated in the court papers, the media personality says that she quit her job as a result of mental torture adding that the work environment was hostile.

In response to this move, Xtian admitted that he went through terrible experiences while working at Kiss FM and will share the details of his encounter in the coming days.

He also added that it could be for the same reason that Radio presenter Andrew Kibe left the station after his exit.

“Reading this as someone who left a 300K paying job at Radio Africa hits different! There’s nothing as bad as a toxic work environment. One day I’ll open up about the horrors I went through at Kiss 100. It’s not a joke. People are suffering! Ask Kibe why he also left after I did.” he wrote in his post

His post sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans with some saying that people should value their mental health than money while others were seemingly surprised by the hidden suffering and tough working conditions that media personalities encounter.

Other than Xtian another media personality who quit her job for similar reasons is former Hot 96 presenter Anita Raey who complained of ‘Toxic bosses’.

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