Xtian Dela Denounces Christianity Amid Mother’s Pleas, Speaks on Mental Health

Xtian Dela has been the man of the hour for the past two days after news of his family neglect broke.

He has been trending at number one after his mother Bishop Naomi Nyongesa sought the help of media to try reach her son.

According to her, Dela has blocked all his family members and hasn’t been heard from since 2019.

“I tried reaching out several times but he kept telling me he was busy, so I got to a point that I just gave up, but deep down I am hurting so much,” she said.

The pair was known to co-produce gospel songs back in the day, but Mr Dela has come out to disassociate himself from Christianity entirely.

“I am not a Christian anymore; knowing the truth; heaven ni hapa na hell ni hapa (heaven and hell are both here). We are karma,” he said during an interview.

He also made a point to highlight a number of mental health issues on his social media pages that have left his fans questioning whether his mother was toxic and what led him to suicidal thoughts.

“I have TRIED to KILL myself TWO times. 16 YEARS on Social Media, I NEVER thought it would CONSUME my Mental Health. Kenya has the WORST Social Media BULLIES on Earth. It’s ALWAYS “Fun” until Someone like Xtian Dela actually KILLS themselves!” he wrote.

Mental health isn’t an easy topic to address and fans have written him back praying he gets the help he needs to heal.

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