Xtatic Premieres Pensive Music Video for “Let me Xplain”

Female rapper Xtatic, born Gloria Edna Mecheo, just dropped a music video for “Let me Xplain,” the lead single off her recently released nine-track mixtape of the same name.

The track is guested by Kenyan vocalist Iddi, who adds a sensual R&B tone that balances and contrasts Xtatic’s rough timbre.

The video is directed by Mush King and perfectly illustrates Xtatic’s pensive lyrics. Shots of recording sessions interweave with rooftop and street shots, producing a hazy portrait of the young rapper’s day-to-day. With a runtime of just above three minutes, “Let me Xplain” is an explorative journey about growing up poor, struggling to make ends meet and finally coming out on top.

“It never used to be this easy, the best out of life comes when you least need it,” raps Xtatic. “Being defeated; and long before you start talking, say something that you at least meaning.”

The remaining tracks of her mixtape, which was released on March 27, feature guest performances by Femi One, Priddy Ugly and Cr3w Teflon. The complete recording can be streamed at the bottom of this page.

As if that wasn’t it, Xtatic is also currently filming a 20-minute documentary about the making of “Let me Xplain.” Be on the look out for that. We sure will be.

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.