Witness The Fitness: Nairobi’s Celebrity Trainers

Love or hate social media – it’s helped a lot of people start taking care of themselves and their bodies a lot more. If 90 percent of your waking hours are spent navigating instagram or snapchat, you become very conscious of the way you look – from hair to nails to clothes to body. And you are probably that bit more alert to the fitness transformations going on around you.

It seems as though everybody is going to the gym– or at the very least, pretending to. The hashtags #FitLife #MyFitness #FitnessRocks permeate every corner of the internet these days – and for those of us who haven’t as yet been swayed (me, for instance!) – that day is coming.

What’s interesting to note is the rise of celebrity instructors or fitness endorsers. Careers and businesses have been built from the leverage that endorsement by regular folk who have seen results, can give!

Here are some of the best fitness IG accounts:

Tony Waweru

He really needs no introduction. Incredible dedication to fitness and nutrition has got him to the point where he represents Kenya in international competitions. Oh, yes – he’s a fitness model also! (Goals)


[Instagram: Tony Waweru]

His Instagram is all about aspiration and inspiration: what you set your mind to, you can achieve. Just do it.

Fit Joe

Also known as Mr. Physique 2015 Kenya and Mr. Modern Mombasa! Fitness trainer extraordinaire who is not only focused on weight training but also incorporates elements of boxing and kick boxing.  He’s based at the Colosseum along Ngong Road.


[Instagram: Fit Joe]

Check out his Instagram HERE which details more about what the makes the man so highly sought after as a fitness trainer!

Marjolein Blokland

Who says fitness can’t be fun! You may have first come across her as one of the cast members of Nairobi Diaries – but there is a lot more to Marjolein than meets the eye! An instructor in Muay Thai boxing – she is also a huge proponent of getting fit through pole dancing – a discipline that will work your core no end!


[Instagram: Majolein Blokland]

Check out her official website or Instagram for details on how you can start getting fit online!


Leon Weche aligns himself with the fitness revolution surrounding #FitBix. Not only is he a fitness expert, but he’s also heavily focused on nutrition and planning complete programs for his clients.


[Instagram: Leesthetics]

Check out his Instagram profile HERE  and start getting fit today!


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