Willy Paul Won’t Sue Former Signee Miss P

Following a series of false rape allegations from his former signee Miss P and singer Diana Marua, Willy Paul has stated that he’s not planning to take them to court.

Miss P claimed that Willy Paul raped her while she was still signed to his record label Saldido. Willy Paul would have been liable upon conviction for imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life if the case stuck.

Miss P accused the singer of raping her multiple times but retract months later, saying the two had consensual sex several times.

Speaking recently during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Miss P shared that her bitterness and anger at the time were what compelled her to make the rape accusations against Willy Paul.

She offered a public apology for her claims and approached Willy Paul for forgiveness.

With pressure mounting on Willy Paul to sue the singer, Paul surprised many by releasing a statement saying that he doesn’t want to see the sassy singer go to jail.

“Well I Know You’ve All Been Waiting For My Reaction After Miss P’s Confession. I’ve Seen Your Comments , Most Of You Asking Me To Take Legal Action And Some Asking Me To Forgive And Keep Away From Her.
A Good Number Of You Guys Reminded Me Of What That False Story Put Me Through And Insisted That I Take Legal Action Without Having Second Thoughts,” said Paul in the statement.

“But The Question Is, What Good Will Having Her Locked Up Do To Me? Absolutely Nothing. I Will Gain Nothing.

“Being A Good Man That I’ve Always Been, The Good Man That Most People Fail To See The Good In. I Have Decided To Forgive This Beautiful Soul. I Know It Cost Me Alot But If God Can Forgive Then Who I’m I Not To? If You Truly Understand The Word Of God Then You’ll Understand That There’s Even More Peace In Forgiveness.”

He went on:

“Remember This Fam, God Used Me To Unlock This Girl’s Doors And I Did Just That So Why Would I Mess What God Used Me To Make?

“Bottom Line, I Still Have So Much Love For Her And Will Always Be Here To Listen To Her Whenever She Needs My Advice Or Any Other Thing That I can Help With.

“Before You Judge Her Or Even Disagree With Me, Just Remember That Mistakes Happen, People Make Mistakes No One Is Perfect And Like I said Earlier, I Still So Much Love For her And My Doors Will Stay Open For her.”

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