Willy Paul Pens Distress Letter To The President

Popular star and musician Willy Paul who is always in the news for the wrong reasons is taking this quarantine time to speak for his fellow artists.

Mr Pozze took to his Instagram account that boasts of 1.3million followers in an attempt to reach the President of the Republic Of Kenya. He posted a photo of the president with a long caption that had him pouring his heart out and begging for an ear.

Opening the letter, he congratulated Mr.Kenyatta on his efforts to fight Covid-19 virus spread in Kenya. He went on to highlight his concern. ‘The entertainment scene has been hit badly and sadly no one seems to care’ lamented Pozze. ‘Entertainers from other countries eg musicians, actors, producers, directors ad comedians are getting help from their governments, and here no one is saying a word’ he went on.

Willy Paul highlights that artist depend on gigs for their income as other platforms and music authorities arm-twist them off their talent. He is calling for a formidable action plan to help the art industry so that they do not starve during this self-quarantine season.

He winds up the long post with “Please remember us in this dark moment’ hoping this will get to the highest authority on the land.


As we self isolate, lets us urge our leaders to come up with plans that will keep us safe and sound out of this mess.

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