Willy Paul Releases New Song, Fans Believe He’s Totally Lost It

With less than 20 days left before the year 2018 kaput, artists are dashing for their last projects, hoping to create a banger that will reign in December and stretch all the way to 2019.

This year has been relatively good for Kenyan artists as the industry continues to open up. A lot of artists have seen steep growth of their brands all thanks to better internet connection that has offered platforms to reach fans, increase in local TV and radio stations and well-organized events.

But as much as 2018 has been a fair year to the industry, for gospel singer Willy Paul, it has been a rather slippery slope marred by steep bumps and ugly turns.

For a long time, the controversial singer has depended on “he’s not a gospel artist” controversy to further his brand. It has worked. Perfectly.

But in 2018, the strategy has dragged him down.

Fans have greatly opposed a series of songs the singer has released for the better part of the year and now, many believe he’s totally lost it.

This is after the singer switched style to release a new song dubbed “Alkaida” that can’t be really categorized as gospel…or secular.

Alkaida, which was sampled from Tanzanian singer Nandy’s song “Aibu”, perfectly sums up Pozze’s final quota of 2018 which has seen him push boundaries to give his style a new taste.

While Willy Paul sees it as growth and expansion, fans believe he has run out of ideas and now he’s just making projects for the sake of it.

Alkaida is not so much different from other Willy Paul’s projects as matter of fact.

Its lifeline is short. Many already hate it. Others believe it should be added to the pile of other music the singer has “copied” this year.

The hate might not be something new for the singer. It has never really concerned him too.

But his last three songs, Bora Uhai, Sikireti and Alkaida should be a clear tip that he’s should be really worried this time around and come 2019, a re-brand might be necessary if he wants longevity.


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