Willy Paul & Alaine – I Do

Last week the hot topic was Willy Paul leaving the bachelorhood and marrying Jamaican songstress Alaine. We highlighted the scoop here and the buzz online has been all sort of comical. Basically, people never understood how a surprise wedding could take place in secrecy and things reset to normal.

So as the hoodwinked fans expected the couple to be out for honeymoon in a distant holiday destination, well the couple will be around doing some serious promo for their new project.

Alaine flew all way from Jamaica to shoot the music video for the song ‘I DO’. To make it as surreal as it could be, Willy Pozee and Alaine had to have an actual wedding and hence the hook to the jam was born and actualized.

The Song explores the theme of love and marriage. “Love is a beautiful thing created by God, He who finds a wife finds a good thing” is the intro making Willy lean on his gospel class act. Alaine shuts it down with her melodic verse, hitting the high notes in such a convincing tone and effortless flow. The vocal interchange is well merged and the song can score a solid 7.

Willy paul has been going all out on his social media to have the attention the jam can garner. You might as well think that Alaine is here to stay. But at the end of the day, that was a good business deal and its perks might be handsome for Pozee.

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Movement… the new couple in town @alainesinga

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The jam is produced by Teddy B and he is on point with the saxophone. The video work is shot and directed by Sammy Dee of Tru-D Pictures is a magnificent piece of work. I love the cutaways of various scenes from the mall, wedding and what seems like an after party.

As per the norm, Social media had their opinion to air on how they felt about the song. First, some people were disappointed in learning all the wedding hype was for a song while other were split if the jam was gospel or not. Here are some few comments off twitter but you be the judge.

That willy paul ft Alaine song :* :* but my brother, please u have to decide which side u are really In

— Sparky Gall (@sparky_gall) March 1, 2017

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