Willy Ambaka Announces Retirement from International Rugby 7s

Kenya Rugby Union Player Willy Ambaka has announced his retirement from international Rugby 7s.

In a statement, the 32-year-old shared he will be playing his final leg in Sydney.

“After 13 years playing for the Kenya Rugby union, I am beginning to understand that while pursuing great things, it is the pursuit that holds the greatest value.

While it has been a tremendous journey, now it is time to pull the curtains on my international Rugby 7s journey.” Read his statement.

Adding, “This is why I have come to the decision that I will be playing my final leg in Sydney this season.”

Willy Amabaka Major Milestones

In his statement Ambaka wrote he cherished all the high and lows Rugby 7s journey brought his way.

“Whether off the pitch, or on the pitch, I hold many experiences close to my heart some of which include winning the final in 2016, playing in two Olympic Games and three Rugby 7s world cup.”

Grateful to the teams he’s played for in France, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia as well as his team mates and family, Ambaka appreciated that he has been able to make a career out of sports.

“Although professional sports isn’t always seen as a career by many African Parents, I am grateful to have shown many people that they can build successful careers playing professional sports and travelling the world.”

Willy Ambaka who currently plays for New Zealand’s ‘Manawatu’ announcement comes days after Collins Injera announced he is stepping away from Rugby.