Willis Raburu Opens Up on Expensive Weight Loss Surgery

Popular media personnel WIllis Raburu has finally opened up on going under the knife to lose his weight.

Speaking on Mungai Eve’s Youtube show, the soon-to-be father of two confessed that he coffed up well over half a million to get a gastric bypass surgery done.

The gastric bypass surgery which cost him between Ksh600K and Ksh 900K.

According to the seasoned journalist, the surgery was necessary as he could not keep the weight off with conventional means like the gym.

“I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect watu wanaenda gym. Gym ni kazi, nilikua na good trainers but nilikua na loss weight but inarudi,” he said.

Raburu revealed that his weight was deteriorating his health.

“By the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high,” he added.

This comes just a year after the popular 10over10 host flaunted his new body after losing twenty KGs at the gym.

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