Wilkins Fadhili In Trouble With Media Personalities Following Con Allegations

Self-proclaimed Kenyan brand strategist Wilkins Fadhili Odinga has been forced to publicly apologize to Kenyans and several media personalities after being exposed as a con.

Odinga on Sunday became a trending topic after being outed as a fraudster online.

Once named among Kenya’s top 40 entrepreneurs by Business Daily Newspaper, a mentor at Safaricom’s program Blaze and other lucrative startup incubation programs, Odinga was cornered by Kenyans on social media for being a fraudster who is pretending to help fellow Kenyans build their companies and careers.

Odinga, who is the CEO Fashion Torch Africa, describes himself as a brand strategist, developer, Forbes Africa Top 30 under 30 and Top 40 under 40.

Many Kenyans have been buying this but, his 40th day came after he bragged on Twitter how he is working to position BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, as a global brand.

If you have been following Larry Madowo on social media, for the better part of last week, he has been campaigning against social media fraudsters who are using his name to con fellow Kenyans.

Odinga’s tweet was quickly shot down by Madowo who denied any association with him.

“I don’t know who this Individual is and I have never met him. I am taking legal actions so don’t get conned using my name,” said Madowo.

Several Kenyans descended on him, exposing his con games after he tried to apologize to Madowo over the tweet. On Sunday morning he posted a cryptic message on Twitter as the shaming continued hinting that he might commit suicide.

“Goodbye, I’ve made mistakes and now life has no meaning at all, Bye everyone,” he tweeted before deleting it and only leaving the word ‘Goodbye’. he posted.

Ruth Ambogo, a political analyst and at one point his girlfriend, also narrated how she was conned by the fake brand strategist while she was his partner.

On Monday morning, Odinga confessed in an NRG interview that all his achievements were fabricated.

“My journey is that of fake it till you make it. I never sold 3000 chapatis nor did I work with the personalities,” he said.

Several celebs he had associated himself with have utterly denied working with him as the outrage continues. K24’s Betty Kyalo was apparently aware of his tactics and had even warned him.

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