Why You Should Consider Breakfast Dates

The modern world is an exciting one to be part of, lucky for us who get to experience it every day especially here in Nairobi. Breakfast dates are becoming a thing and if you haven’t considered trying them here are reasons why you should.

New Day New Vibes

Nothing beats a good morning vibe especially when you are going to meet someone you like very much, a refreshing date at a refreshing place will have you in great energy all day. For the gents remember to tag along with a bouquet of flowers for extra points.

Less Crowds

We will have you know that most restaurants have the least number of people in the morning hours a fit way to have a conversation with the person you are out with, without feeling distracted and also enjoy some sort of privacy even tho you are in a public place.

Mood Up-lifter

Goes without saying that when you see someone you like your dopamine is ready to take over the day. The refreshing date will have you conquer the day, better to practice this on a Monday and forget all the blues, what a way to have a good day.

Keeping Time

We all like to impress someone we like and honestly morning dates require a timekeeping hack especially for the ones who intend to go to the office right after, this actually enables you to keep time to both the date and work, a double-edged hack you cannot afford not to try.

Hot look

It’s one thing to look nice and another to look intentionally good for the right reasons. Picture yourself in that ideal outfit on a beautiful Tuesday morning, starting off your workday in an extremely vibrant mood.

Have you tried a breakfast date before? Feel free to tell us why you consider breakfast dates or better yet recommend the best restaurants for morning dates.