Why You Should Attend The Upcoming Mudathon

Adrenaline ranged activities are worthy as a matter of fact they should be a LAW! This coming November, Bucketlist Adventures has organized its second edition of The Mudathon. And when they say it’s going to be mudness, it’s a fact! If you attended the previous edition you understand why sinking in mud could suddenly be refreshing. Here are more reasons why you should purpose to be at Timau this coming November 20th.

Adrenaline Pump

There is so much life when you face your fear and pump that adrenaline to a new range, forget the mud run and sky run challenge, when was the last time you literally jumped fire, if the answer is never, well, here is your chance to jump fires, swing on high ropes, run up a mountain and legally jump into mud no question asked… Sounds like fun, right? Only one way to find out!

Brutal Soft-Life Plan

The irony is loud, but the possibility is endless, the military ranged Mudathon has much more to offer inclusive of camping, bonfire party and a road trip to the greenery town Timau ! Also, have you been to KESAL? This is the time to find out what military challenges feel like and later reward yourself with the bbq that will be so inviting!

Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you are planning on being fit or are already one, this is going to be a challenge to have you meet and interact with fellow enthusiasts. The fitness journey is becoming a lifestyle embraced in Kenya and it’s high time its community met and challenged each other to a rewarding event that will have you appreciate the skills and consistency that come with being fit.

Muuud Therapeutic

Honestly, therapy is variable! Therapy is self-chosen and a muddy jump has proven to be a ‘healer’, get off your comfort zone and let the mudness take over, live a little, release the pressure, you work so hard, award yourself by getting a little bit dirty and all for a good course and a warm shower to go to at the end.

Chill and Vibe

Also, there is an opportunity to just relax, you do not have to run or drain yourself in mud you can spectate and have a good laugh, while sipping a good ol’ ‘juice’ and interacting with an epic audience, while vibing to great music, sound like a great plan, right?!

To get more info about the trip click link HERE. Cheers to the return of the #mudness.