Why You Need To Incorporate Daikon Into Your Diet

The importance of what we put into our bodies can never be overemphasized. The foods we eat have an overall impact on our wellbeing; they can affect our weight, health, and even mood.

Today we look at the benefits of daikon, a unique root vegetable found in the Kenyan coast.

Daikon, a white radish root known in simpler terms as “figili” in Swahili. It resembles a white carrot with its long large root with large green leaves that have a rough texture. The root is crispy, sweet with a bit of tangy taste.

The leaves are mainly used as salad in place of lettuce whereas the root is diced or grated and eaten raw. Some people roast it with garlic or incorporate it in soup.

Figili has been long known for its benefits which have impacted its presence in the coastal food culture. Here are some of the benefits of having figili with your meals;

Reduce risk of Diabetes;

White radishes contain chemical compounds that help in regulating blood sugar levels. It enhances your body’s natural adiponectin production which works against insulin resistance.

Acts as a detox;

It has natural diuretic property thus it’s extremely good for improving kidney health. They facilitate elimination of toxins from the bloodstream and excess fluids in the body.

Source of calcium;

White radish is a good source of calcium which promotes healthy bone growth and therefore lowers the risk of osteoporosis (deterioration of bone tissue and increased bone fragility).

High on fiber;
It provides your system with ample roughage and fibers, therefore improving digestion and elimination.

Controls Blood Pressure;

It is rich in potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure keeping your blood flow in control.


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