Why You Need To Be Drinking More Black Coffee

How do you like your coffee? creamy, light, roasted, with uncountable scoops of sugar or straight up black and rich. Coffee is good for your health but only if it is plain black coffee with no creams and sugar. Many are thinking that’s too bitter or impossible, but taking coffee like this is a norm in the Kenyan coast.

Here are the benefits of Black Coffee;

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants get rid of free radicals in the body- these are waste products naturally produced by the body as a result of certain processes. Radicals are toxic and may cause inflammation, which may translate to a metabolic disorder like diabetes.

Enhances brain function

Having black coffee in the morning enhances your brain activity due to its psychoactive stimulant content. Black coffee improves your mood, energy and cognitive function, thus boosting your memory power, reducing stress and depression. It also keeps the nerves active which in turn lowers one’s risk of Dementia.

Improves physical performance

Coffee improves your physical performance by increasing adrenaline levels in the blood, which prepares the body for intense physical exertion. It also breaks down stored body fat and releases fat cells into the bloodstream in the form of free fatty acids which can be used as fuel for strenuous physical activities. Drinking a cup of coffee before hitting the gym could be what you need to give your 100%  on your workout session.

Improves Cardiovascular health

Perhaps coffee sends your heart racing fast, but that is a temporary situation that diminishes within a short time. In the long run, it is proved that 1-2 cups of black coffee a day reduces your risk of getting a heart-related condition and heart failure. As coffee increases your physical performance, it also boosts the performance of a weak heart.

Helps with weight loss,

Black coffee boosts metabolism translating to weight loss. It is a fat-burning beverage, thus great for tummy fat loss. Ever wondered why some trainers peach for coffee before a workout? Now you’re in the know!


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