Why We Love New York-Based Kenyan Star DJ Xpect’s Debut EP

New York-based Kenyan artist Peter Kerre, known as DJ Xpect just released his debut House Music EP, Nomadic Soul Therapy.  The EP has 6 tracks namely Nomadic Soul Therapy, Heal, Free My Soul, Time Travel, Fearless Tribes, and Chill Mode.

DJ Xpect has been on a steady through his unique sound while DJing in New York and around the world. Over 5 years ago, he did a remix for Grammy Award Winning Singer Alicia Key’s song In Common. Moreover, for over a decade now, Xpect has been at the pioneering forefront of introducing Afro sounds to the American market. Subsequently, this has largely been through his urban radio mix show and his weekly Afropop nights in lower Manhattan.

His debut EP Nomadic Soul Therapy is pure vibes and below are 5 reasons why we love it!

It Is Unique

Nomadic Soul Therapy EP is a musical gem in which DJ Xpect pushes boundaries through creating his own sound which he calls AfroElectronica. It fuses Xpect’s African roots and futuristic musical sounds making a unique curation that is very refreshing to listen to.

The Sounds Are Very Therapeutic

Apart from the high-quality audio production of this EP, the musical elements in all the songs culminate to form a very soothing collection. From the vocals to the instrumentation to the tempo, this EP lives up to its name.

High-Quality House Music

It is House Music season and this EP is all about that good stuff! Nomadic Soul Therapy is a special treat for House Music enthusiasts and the perfect introduction to House Music for anyone curious about the genre.

Nomadic Soul Therapy Is A Social Justice

Xpect’s passion for social justice is an open secret. He is the founder of an internationally recognized public safety initiative called Safewalks. Additionally, he has been vocal about matters such as police brutality, women’s rights, and racial discrimination. Xpect hopes that this EP will further spread his gospel of unity and love.

DJ Xpect

Short & Sweet

Lastly, the Nomadic Soul Therapy EP is short and sweet. The EP has 6 songs and in total it is almost 35 minutes long. This production oozes quality over quantity vibes and we totally stan!

Nomadic Soul Therapy is available on Spotify, and Apple Music.

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