Why We Love Lupita Nyong’o’s 2022 Oscars Look

The 2022 Academy awards will go down as one of the greatest, and Lupita Nyong’o’s look cannot go unnoticed.

The star who sat at the same table as the 2022 Academy Award winner for Best Actor; Will Smith and his wife Jada Smith was definitely a moment.

The actress wore a yellow-gold sequined gown, with tiny beads arranged into what looked like pink flower embellishments.

The Beautiful gown also boasts a plunging open back.

Lupita’s longtime makeup artist Nick Barose played off of the gown’s tones and applied some gold leaf to her lids along with liquid liner.

De Beers jewels added some sparkle to her ears and fingers.

Lupita Nyong’os Updo Hair At the Academy awards

If you can expect anything from Lupita on the red carpet, it’s a hair moment.

The actor and her go-to stylist Vernon François will always serve up hair looks that quite frankly, look more like works of art than mere hairstyles.

François created an updo made of locs.

The hair stylist arranged a few of the locs in what looks like a fishtail braid.

A closer look at the updo reveals the gorgeous spirals that make up the giant bun.

The actress nails were almond shaped, with layered colors and Rose to match the pink flowers in her gown.