Why We Love Liboi’s Safari EP

Kenyan contemporary singer Liboi has once again captured hearts and minds with her latest musical endeavor, ‘Safari’ EP. Unlike her debut EP, ‘State Of Being,’ which delved into introspection and self-discovery, Liboi’s ‘Safari’ takes a bold step. It invites listeners on a captivating journey of collaboration and cultural celebration.

‘Safari’ serves as a testament to Liboi’s growth and artistic exploration. The EP, comprising seven tracks, features a diverse array of artists. They include Siti Amina from Zanzibar and the Bahati Female Band from Dar es Salaam. The EP also features collaborative efforts with friends such as Erika Mascaro, Jason Gras, and Michele Stella. This cross-cultural collaboration not only builds bridges within Africa but also underscores the spirit of unity, pan-Africanism, and Ubuntu that Liboi aims to champion.

Liboi’s artistic vision for ‘Safari’ was inspired by her residency at the Nafasi Art Space in Tanzania in March 2023. The experience enriched her musical palette, leading to a collaboration with several artists who feature prominently in this project. The EP is a vessel for sharing Africa’s rich musical diversity, emphasizing collaboration and unity between artists from different nations and generations.

Why Safari?

The EP’s singles, “Safari” and “Nengua,” released prior to the full project, offered a glimpse into the vibrant and meaningful sonic landscape that Liboi meticulously crafted. The title track, “Safari,” showcases Liboi’s vocal prowess and majestic nature. It dominates the record with an emotive journey through various landscapes and emotions.

“The EP is named ‘Safari’ because it evokes the idea of a journey or adventure. Just like a safari in the wild, this EP takes listeners on a musical expedition, exploring various landscapes and emotions through its tracks. It’s a metaphorical journey through sound and emotion, which is why the name ‘Safari’ was chosen to capture that sense of exploration and discovery,” Liboi explains.

Each track on the EP offers a unique perspective, contributing to the overall theme of unity and appreciation for diverse cultures. From the unconventional love story portrayed in “Zuri” to the carefree spirit of living in the moment in “Nengua,” Liboi’s lyrical and vocal prowess shines through.

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