Why We Love Funk Avenue’s Album ‘Now We Break Bread’

Fast-rising Kenyan musical duo Funk Avenue’s latest album Now We Break Bread is breath of fresh air. Funk Avenue comprises Dennis Karanja popularly known as Twist and Simon Muturi who is popularly known as Simz. The two are Kenyan rappers, songwriters, and entrepreneurs deeply rooted in the Kenyan hip-hop scene.

Now We Break Bread is a 14-track collection that is packed with well-written, catchy choruses and punchline flows. Some of its songs are City Girls, Whitewash, Ngori, and Sina Fear among others. Below are the top reasons why we love this album:

Genre variety

Despite being Hip Hop artists, Funk Avenue explores various genres of music ranging from Hip Hop subgenres such as Drill, and Trap to other genres such as Afrobeat and Funk in this project. This album has a track for every music lover.

Fun, light, and full of vibes

In case you are looking for a fun and light album to unwind on, Now We Break Bread is a great choice. The album has a light approach to themes such as romantic, love, flings, partying, the hustle, and money among others. If vibes was an album it’d be this collection.

Great Audio production

The audio production of this album boasts of stupendous quality. The arrangement of the instrumental elements and harmonies is well done in the tracks. For example, the track Whitewash has a unique trumpet set that is definitely hard to ignore.

The explosive chemistry between the rappers

What is a duo with musical chemistry? Funk Avenue members Twist and Simz complement each other with their bars and energy. This duo is well on its way to being the future of Kenyan music. Funk Avenue has the potential to appeal to both commercial and niche audiences.

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