Why Wahu Rejected A Gift Worth Ksh 30,000 From Nameless

It’s true ladies love expensive gifts but sometimes, especially when coming from your boyfriend, it might just be too expensive.

Well, singer Wahu, who has just turned 41, found herself in this exact position after her since-campus-days hubby, Nameless, gave her a pair of shoes worth Ksh 30,000.

Ksh 30,000 might not sound a lot now but in 2006, it was sure a lot.

She had to return the gift.

“Earlier on in our marriage, my husband got me a shoe and I remember that’s the first time I looked at him and told him you don’t know me,” said Wahu while speaking to Azziad on her YouTube show “Shoe Game With Azziad”.

“He bought me the shoe for my birthday and it was Ksh 30,000. It was cute and had jewelry and whatever but I had to return it. How can you take 30,000 and put in a shoe. One Shoe? I returned it to the shop.”

Wahu told Azziad that while her husband thought an expensive shoe would make her happy, the opposite was true. She loved good bargains.

“It was a gift but I was like that’s not me,” she said.

“Actually, I pride myself on deals like ‘hiyo shoe was affordable’.I think he thought this is what he should now do as a husband by buying expensive jewelry expensive rings and all that.”

Watch it below:

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