Why These Four Hotels In Naivasha Are A Must Visit!

Hotels are drifting to what could be termed a home away from home experience with a touch of class, elegance and impeccable customer service. Clearly, glitz and glamour affair is a culture that is not about to die down. Below hotels in Naivasha are a must-visit not only for their occidental nature but also for their upscale presence.

Sawela Lodge
Its deluxe nature is unmissable. Having dawned itself with nature, a greenery hub of great services, the Sawela Lodge which is located in the shores of Lake Naivasha is a must-visit. Not only does the five-star hotel come with its amazing services but has a tropical ambience that compliments a relaxing mood just right. The rooms that have a touch of contemporary Africa own up tradition and culture in an appreciative tone. Worry not about the diet or your meal needs as the continental menu has you covered. Check out their website to see why they are an ideal valentine destination.



If you are looking for a subtle getaway then Masada is your home for the moment. The ultra-modern hotel is located on the Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha, is one for the try this love season. The hotel that is cut in between a relax mode and a work mode environment is definitely favourable for all crowds. The hotel that is just by the road is hard to miss, the services offered cut across recreational activities such as golf and their vast menu does not disappoint. Try it and let us know your opinion.


For decades Enshapai has owned the crown of thee best hotel in Naivasha. In truth, the crown is deserving as the exclusive hotel is cordially one of the best to visit. The hotel that is located at the Moi S Lake Rd, Naivasha is of a classy nature from its rooms offering a modern cottage-like feel with color combination that diversely fit to every taste. Every service offered is top-notch from the delectable food to the in-house club, evidently a must-visit hotel.

Lake Naivasha Panorama Park
The hush serene environment in this respectable upscale hotel is beyond definable. The hotel that is highly matched with an old-classy feel is indeed one to visit if not this 2020, perhaps valentine’s day. Located on the Moi S Lake Rd, Naivasha, the hotel has outdone most by having an eatery area that allows an unbeatable view to what nature serves best. This is the kind of hotel where class meets nature in an appraisable manner.

Happy Love Season Vibers!!