Why Tanzanians Are The Most Streamed Musicians In Kenya

Recently it was revealed 5 of the most streamed musicians on YouTube in Kenya are Tanzanians.

Eric Omondi on Why Most Streamed Musicians in Kenya are Tanzanian Why Tanzanians are the most streamed musicians in Kenya

Reacting to the statistics Eric Omondi shared his two cents on what could be the reason why Tanzanian singers are keeping Kenyan entertained.

“There are certain things that they are doing that we aren’t.

SHOWIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! Entertainment or music is not just about your music!!! It’s about your lifestyle!!!

Where do you go? Who are you dating? How are you dressed?”

Eric Omondi cited how Tanzania entertainers move;

“Look at these people lives. Harmonize made noise for a whole three months just “asking Kajala to come back to him”

He added

“Diamond buys a Rolls Royce, goes on tour promises to buy a private jet and two weeks later gets into Kenya with one!!!

SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! Kenyan musicians are simply boring and it will get you nowhere.”

Khaligraph, Bien React to Eric Omondi’s opinion on why Tanzania Singers are Dominating the Kenyan market.

Rapper Khaligraph responded to Eric comments asking when he will buy his Rolls Royce since he executes Showbiz correctly.

Bien responded as well saying Eric Omondi couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at Kenyan artists.

“Another opportunity to talk shit. I knew you can’t miss this.

Everything about this country is wrong. Governance, Education, Corruption. Lakini wasanii ndio mtaingilia.”

He added, “mark my words. WE WILL RISE AND CONTINUE TO RISE.”