Why Sol Fest Will Continue Without Sauti Sol

Sol Generation manager, William Nanjero, recently shed light on Nviiri and Bensoul’s decision not to pursue solo careers and clarified why Sol Fest would proceed despite Sauti Sol’s hiatus.

In a recent interview, Nanjero disclosed the rationale behind Nviiri and Bensoul’s solo ventures. He explained that both artists had embarked on individual journeys toward stardom through the label’s developmental strategies.

“The developmental plan began with Bensoul. Both Bensoul and Nviiri have now emerged as stars in their own right,” Nanjero stated.

He further emphasized that although Nviiri and Bensoul were no longer directly under Sol Generation, the label continued to collaborate with them, reaffirming that their separation was integral to Sol Generation’s developmental blueprint.

“Bensoul has ventured into his own endeavors, and they are thriving. Our developmental plan aims to provide a platform for individuals to flourish,” Nanjero elaborated.

He highlighted Nviiri’s solo project, “School of Heartbreak,” as evidence of the artist’s progression and affirmed that Sol Generation remained actively engaged with both Nviiri and Bensoul.

Nanjero also addressed concerns regarding Sol Fest’s continuity amidst Sauti Sol’s hiatus. He clarified that Sol Fest operated as a distinct entity, separate from Sauti Sol, and was designed as an annual event independent of any specific artist’s involvement.

“Sol Fest transcends individual artists. It is an annual festival, independent of any particular performer. Sol Fest Corporation operates autonomously with its own structure and will continue to host the festival annually,” Nanjero explained.

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