Why Patricia Kihoro’s “Single Status” Is A Good Thing For All Of Us

Life ni hard” – Actual Kenyan Proverb.

In between the stress of making money, coping with family and just trying to survive – who has time for dating? Or perhaps, the question we should be asking is why doesn’t dating have time for us?

Which is why I am so excited that the ridiculously multi-talented Patricia Kihoro is bringing back her hit musical narrative “Life in the Single Lane” – a one woman masterpiece that breaks down the trials and tribulations of a young person navigating the journey of finding love in Nairobi.



It’s been almost two years since she last showcased it at the Shifteye Gallery alongside Jason Runo and guitarist Toby Koech. She hasn’t revealed the venue for this year’s show but at least we know things are in the works.

Her performance recreates those moments in relationships that we laugh at (and cringe about) in hindsight – the anxiety of a first date for example, or the first time you and your new man go out as a legit couple.




But it’s not just a fun two hours. It’s thoughtful and engaging and honestly allowed me to go over previous failed relationships and try and see things from the other person’s point of view. I went with a bunch of female friends and I doubt I’ve enjoyed a night out quite as much as that. She has a conversation with her audience, allowing us to interject, interact, and gets us to sing along to Beyonce tunes. Winning.



If Patricia never gets nervous before a performance, it really doesn’t show. She’s doing exactly what she loves: “musical theater puts two of my favorite interests; singing and acting, in one space, creating the perfect balance for my performance…” The show’s scenarios change from showing to showing – her life of course inspires some of them, but so does the world around her and the experiences of others close to her. Which is why it has received so many rave reviews in the past!

The chemistry she has with her ‘co-star’ Jason Runo – by far one of my favorite male comedic performers – is perfect. She performs alongside him on another highly acclaimed stage show “Because You Said So”.

You are in for a treat if you’ve never caught “Life in the Single Lane” before. And for those like myself who are already fans – a lot has changed in two years. I can’t wait to see what Patricia has planned for us this time round!

Photos: Patricia Kihoro

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