Why Over 25 Has Come To An End

One of the pioneers in the Kenyan YouTube scene, Over 25 has drawn curtains to their Channel on their seventh year anniversary.

The group dropped their final episode on Monday 8th, sharing their individual takes on their Channels journey.

Jules, who started the Channel as a creative outlet, said the platform eventually became a medium for the four friends to meet as friends on a weekly basis since their interactions reduced after completing campus.

About Over 25

Over 25 comprised Jules, Jules, Lornzie, Ivy, and Shikie sharing their experiences as friends, sisters, working women, and mothers.

Sharing her thoughts on why the Channel has come to an end, Jules revealed they have grown different personal objectives.

“We’ve been in this game for over Seven years, and what happens over a long period of time like that you start to have very different personal objectives for your life.

You also change, and grow and expand in many different ways.”  She said,

“When we first began, we had a very unified voice, but we are just no longer the same.” Added Jules.

In a statement, the group shared what the channel has been to them.

“We poured our hearts and souls into Over 25 where we connected, grew, and celebrated with our audience – boy did we love it!” Read part of their statement.

It is still unclear whether the hiatus will ever come to an end as their statement revealed they are unsure as well.

“Is this the end? We cannot say for sure. Will we be coming back? Possibly. Just not right now.” Read part of the statement.