Why ‘Odes By Queens’ Album Deserves a Slot in your Playlist

US-based Kenyan music producer Waithaka recently released his project dubbed the Odes By Queens that features 10 talented Kenyan vocalists namely: Ythera, Chep, Meryl Paige, Serro, Mary Olive, Mella, Prisca Ojwang, Miss Kuria, Wabi Sherie and Zaituni Wambui. An Ode is a lyric poem, expressing the writer’s thoughts about a particular person or subject usually written to that person or subject.

Waithaka said that the goal of this album was to highlight women in the industry and also showcase the diversity of the sounds and genres in Kenya. The music producer who boasts of over 15 years of experience in Music production, has previously worked with Kenyan stars such as Steph Kapela, Kwame Rigii, Nessa and Ayrosh among others.

Odes By Queens is a 10 tracks album whose participants who were put together by singer Ythera, through the producer Waithaka. “I had only two in mind……MaryOlive and Ythera because I’d worked with them in different capacities. Ythera is the one who put the list of the other participants together. My only condition for the participants was that they had to be good vocalists live and on record.” Said Waithaka. And good vocalists they were.

Below are the reasons why this album deserves a place in your playlist:

  • It is a project by queens – The vocal quality of the singers clearly shows that these women are true queens. Their impeccable vocal range and capabilities is beautiful music to the ears – the project carries immense talent.
  • This is a unique album – very few Kenyan producers and artists are willing to do such kind of projects. The uniqueness of each artiste is well captured in this album making the project unique.
  • The songs are diverse – The genres and messages vary from song to song in the album. The songs are also sung in different languages i.e. English, Kiswahili, Kamba and Dholuo.
  • The sound quality is top-notch – Waithaka and Giggz sure outdid themselves as far as the sound quality was concerned. The instrumentalist’s Benjamin Kabaseke and Anariko also added melodious twists to some of the tracks making their outcome even more catchy.
  • It has songs on women empowerment – What is a Queens project without encouragement to fellow Queens? Ythera’s Stand Up Queen and Prisca Ojwang’s Power Pose will definitely inspire the queen in every woman.
  • It is easily available – You can get to listen to entire album hustle free through various music streaming platforms by clicking here.

Enjoy your listen!

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