Why Jamaican Dancehall Star Shenseea Canceled Kenyan Concert

Jamaican dancehall star Shenseea whose real name is Chinsea Linda Lee, has shed light following her cancellation of her much anticipated Kenyan concert.

She took to her Instagram page to clear up the misunderstanding, explaining to the fans that the cancellation was not her own doing.

According to the dancehall artist, she was advised against insecurity in the country, and asked to reschedule instead.

“I was booked for Kenya and due to safety concerns that were brought to my attention, I was told it was best to reschedule. I chose to refund my deposit than hold on to it without a date being set. The promoters assured me that all monies would be refunded to patrons as well. I look forward to performing in Kenya soon! Thank you to all my supporters for understanding,” she stated.

Last July, the ‘Blessed’ hitmaker announced to her fans that she would be performing in Kenya. Shenseea said she would be at the Uhuru Gardens for the Sababisha Festival.

“Kenya, I’m coming on August 26th at Uhuru Gardens,” she shared.

Just a month later, the dancehall star took to Instagram to break her Kenyan fans’ hearts.

“First of all, Kenya, let me start off by saying that I love you guys so much, but I am so sorry that everything did not go as we were all expecting,” she posted.

Tickets for the ‘Sababisha Festival’ ranged between Sh3,000 and Sh8,000.

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