Why Ethic Broke Up- Manager Allen Igatany Tells It All

Allen Igatanyi, the manager and fashion designer behind Ethic Entertainment, recently shed light on his role in managing the group and the subsequent downfall that unfolded after their extraordinary five-year music reign.

Speaking in a candid sit down with Buzz Central, Allen Igatanyi revealed several factors that led to the group of four parting ways despite their talent and Gengetone genre domination.

According to him, fame, however, was among the key factor that ruined the group’s unity as one of the members, — SWAT– started believing he was better than the rest of the members.

“They had personal issues and disagreements all the time. It is like football, the goalkeeper is the most important person in the team. If he is not there you cannot win,” said the manager in the interview.

“The one who had the numbers and was liked the most was Swat but when fame got in his head he lost track.”

Igatany further said that Rekless, who was like the group leader, wanted to go solo, a thing that put more friction on the group.

“Rekles decided to go solo and without the choir leader things went bad. Rekles was really mature and it was even hard for me to manage him because he was older than me,” said Allen Igatany.

The other members Zilla, Seska and SWAT were forced to go solo too following his departure. The break up came barely two years after the group inked a record deal with AI Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Africa.

Igatany also shared how he found himself in the fashion world and building his clothesline.

Watch the full interview HERE.

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