Why British Author David Baboulene Believes Kenyan Film Industry Will Erupt Soon

11 February of 2019 by

Renowned British author, film-maker and story teller David Baboulene has stated that the Kenyan film industry will get a huge paradigm shift if players maintain the same momentum they are on.

Baboulene, one of the first highly qualified story consultants to also have published works of fiction and film deals for his own stories, is currently in Kenya and chaired the just concluded “Primary Colours of Story” workshop at Goethe Institute in Nairobi.

In the free workshop that saw dozens of film makers attend,
Baboulene loved the spirit, optimism and desire to grow he saw oozing from Kenyan film makers.

“What I have really enjoyed here has been the energy and people, especially those in the film-making community. The energy is enormous. You can feel the industry is ready to erupt. There is so much positive energy and a sense of growth,” Baboulene said.

You can tell that more people are beginning to look at the possibility of succeeding and investing in quality output.”

Baboulene, who holds a PhD in story theory, was in the country for the free workshop courtesy of a partnership of Goethe Instituit, One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink.

Before finding he’s place in the business, he confessed he had to do several things mainly because of his attention span.

My problem is that I get bored. I have probably had 10 different careers. I travelled for about five years, then got into music for a while but I wasn’t very good. Then I went back to school, I later ran some companies and worked in corporate environment, writing. Then I got published as a writer, which was the beginning of this (story consultant) journey,” he said.

“I didn’t know much about film so I did everything he said. I hated what happened to my story at the end as it was being forced into the Hollywood formula. At the end of the process we produced a horrible movie that didn’t sell.” From this experience, he turned himself round into the story consultant who is now globe-trotting, teaching how to powerfully tell stories.”

Baboulene urged Kenyan film makers to push their scripts, believe in them and make sure they get a chance because the film world has turned noisier.

Producers and scriptwriters need to work harder now more than ever.

“You have to work hard to get these (written) nuggets out. To turn the gold into jewelry, one has to work a lot harder. It is all about digging deep and working hard to differentiate yourself from other artists in the basis of quality in the crowded world of writers,” he added. 

Baboulene is known for such works as Ocean Boulevard, Jumping Ships, Kepple the Kite, Oopsie… I Forgot, The Story Book, A Constructivist Narratology and soon to be released The Primary Colours of Story.


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