Who Knew Tuna And Mango Could Share A Plate? A delightful Culinary Experience At The Kempinski With Chef Andreas Mensch

Have you ever wondered what Michelin star food tastes like? Then join us as we delight in a divine culinary experience at the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel, Nairobi.

The location is cafe Lucca, one of the splendid offerings of the Kempinski Hotel Nairobi. The experience begins as you drive in. The engaging yet polite security man to the smiling doorman all so ready to welcome you in a manner only befitting for a king.

After two minutes of this interaction and we all agree that we could get used to this life.

We are met by the host who leads us to the server waiting in hand with a choice of two cocktails courtesy of EABL.

Guys, you haven’t tasted a nice cocktail until you try this. The bourbon smash with its delicate notes of smoke & sweetness was hitting all the right spots. The cocktail makes for a great conversation starter.

This cocktail is highly recommended if you are new to whisky and want to ease into it.

A quick introduction to the man of the hour and he suggests we get right into the business of the day. It’s a three-course meal that announces panache, technique, and a man who loves and understands his food.

I kid you not, you can read the passion and beauty just from the presentation.

Our starter is set and to be honest I momentarily panic because I prefer my fish cooked.

We are having Tuna and mango Ceviche with a few droplets of sweat and a sip of the liquid courage, I try it out, and bam! I am pleasantly surprised and awed by the magic in my mouth.

Who knew tuna and mango could share a plate? Seriously this can only be defined as a work of art.

The mild saltiness of the fish paired with the sweetness of the local mango and the delicate crunch of the crisps complimented by the habanero all make the perfect marriage. We wash this down with some red wine as the excitement builds for the main course.

The main for the day is the supreme couquelet chicken. As chef Andreas is announcing it, we are all nodding in agreement with zero ideas of what most of it is. At this point we trust him and we are guaranteed that whatever he serves we will taste great. The plate arrives with the chicken breast suspended on a bit of bone, leg confit, some micro greens laid on a bed of sweet potato, and morel sauce.

The chicken was extremely tender and moist, the confit offered great taste and texture thanks to the crunchy crust and the sweet potatoes arose dormant taste buds when coupled with the morel sauce.

The food appears simple but carries so much depth and a heartiness that leaves you looking forward to the next course. The chardony is an excellent choice, completing the meal on a high note pun not intended.

A few moments later the dessert is here and it almost looks too pretty to be devoured. It’s a lemon meringue tart, with some jam and a piece of what my friend calls perfect air.

This is by far the best dessert I have had in my life and you can take that to the bank. The perfect harmony of the lemon, the sweetness of the sugar with the perfectly textured pastry that crumbles with every bite seals this meal.

Chef Andreas presented perfection on a plate and now we all know why he is sort after across the globe.

We rate this experience five stars. Villa Rosa Kempinski is the place to be if you are looking for an experience that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied yet yearning for more.

Head down to Cafe Lucca for this fine dining experience that is both value for money and a party for your taste buds.

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