Whispers Of Power:  African Contemporary Singer Liboi Delights With A Multidisciplinary Concept Show

The performance was full of acrobatic flips and aerial silks. Aided by an aerial ribbon, the acrobats Michael Munga and Ann Robai moved with a feline fluidity. From the onslaught they displayed a dramatic feat of seemingly inhuman flexibility that captivated all present. The MC, Maija Rivenburg, with grace and courtesy guided the audience – which was an amalgamation of artistes, poets, musicians, actors, tourists and performing arts enthusiasts – through the various stages of a well crafted performance that integrated music, storytelling, and contemporary dance.

The show was titled Whispers of Power, a multidisciplinary spectacle staged at Nairobi’s Sarakasi Dome on the 8th of June 2024. This is a show conceptualized by Nairobi- based African contemporary Singer, Liboi, in collaboration with artists such as dance choreographer and contemporary dancer, Maulid Owino, and storyteller, voice, and stage actor, Wakio Mzenge. 

Whispers of Power is currently touring the country courtesy of the Creation Africa-Kenya project by the French government. In the show, Liboi uses meditative chants and empowering lyrics from some of her best known songs to guide a narrative, and merges this with Wakio Mzenge’s storytelling, dance from Maulid Owino, and aerial silk performances from the acrobats Munga and Robai.

In the press release preceding the multidisciplinary show, Liboi said, “ We want to traverse from the West to the East of Kenya for a nationwide healing initiative stemming from the conviction that safe spaces need to be established throughout the country.” Whispers Of Power was first staged in Nairobi in October 2023 at Ardhi Gallery. Due to the attention it received from cultural enthusiasts from Kenya and beyond, in 2024 Liboi decided to take the concept show on a tour across the country. The tour commenced with a staging of the show in Kisumu at Dunga Hill Camp. 

On the Kisumu edition, Liboi had this to say,” “Whispers of Power Kisumu Edition felt like a much-needed respite for the soul. By fusing diverse art forms, it redefined Kenyan arts and shed light on cultural heritage and contemporary issues. The performance focused on the recent flooding and displacement in the region, emphasizing the conservation of Nam Lolwe as an essential cultural identity and the importance of living harmoniously with nature.”

Succeeding the Nairobi edition will be a staging of the show in Mombasa.

The more I understand the mind and the human experience, the more I realize that power is at the root of the human experience, from within” Liboi says. Whispers of Power represents her call to action for other humans who feel compelled to build a more profound knowledge and connection to self through an artistic intervention that will higher their vibration and encourage more healing. The 2-hour experience weaves together different forms of art to tap into all of their healing powers.

Photo Credits: Murathe Ngigi/Whispers of Power

Frank Njugi is a Kenyan Culture journalist and Arts Critic.