Where To Go For Breakfast In Nairobi

Nairobi, the city under the sun or perhaps the city cladded with a comfortable fog beckoning for warmth, either from a hot coffee in Westlands or a steaming teapot in Hurlingham. Wherever you are in the city, below are five restaurants you want to make a point of trying out as you maintain social distance, sanitized hands, and a mask on! 
Tin Roof Karen 
Whether you are a lover of chapati rolls or crepes, the Tin Roof Karen has you covered. Tin Roof  Karen is not only comfortably situated in an accessible area but also well-groomed for a morning hang out. The amazing outdoor café opens at 8 A.M – an ideal time to grab some coffee! Check out their website for more information.
Ethiopian coffee is rumored to be the very best. Eritrean has successfully killed the rumor, the 
Ethiopian ambient coffee shop brings to table the most amazing coffee serving in Nairobi. With Kesh 
Kesh a hot coffee is assured. Check out their website for more.
Casual Bite and Coffee House 
Westlands is rich with hidden gems and the Casual Bite Café and Coffee House is no different. A good coffee assuredly begins a good morning, tea too! The Casual Bite Café and Coffee house has a deep understanding of this and this is why a morning grab from them is a brilliant idea, don’t believe me visit
them at the Westlands Square.
Rozina’s Restaurant 
Despite their popularity in good lunches and dinner menu. The Rozina’s tea and coffee servings have not been mentioned enough, their morning servings are worth a major try. Located in Pride Inn Westlands, one eatery you must try or better yet get your go-to coffee pack!  
Mister Wok Capital Centre 
We are going Chinese, and nop you do not need chopsticks for this one. Mister Wok that is located along 
Mombasa road has a favoring menu, their morning menu is one for the trials, best try it soon and let us know your experience. 
Folk let us know your experiences and better yet, stay safe, maintain distance, and majorly sanitize.
Health is your wealth!