When Love Don’t Love You Back!

Have you been in scenarios where you love someone who truthfully just doesn’t seem to be in the same head space.

Some have gone on to invest in a one-sided relationship that has only ended up in premium tears.

Unfortunately, others have been led into lifelong commitments in the form of marriage only to end up so lonely and full of regret.

Does this sound familiar?

The question many have is how do I come out of this? How do I unlove?

Below are some tips on how to apply logic to an emotional problem ;

Accept your truth

You can’t deal with what you won’t confront. Stop formulating possibilities and accept the writing on the wall. Be kind to yourself to be truthful enough.

Establish boundaries

Some boundaries will entail cutting links, it will be hard but it’s doable. Remember you can’t out will feelings. Make the smart move and run where necessary.

Seek professional help

At times we need an unbiased opinion. A qualified counselor will help you get to the root of unhealthy attachment. Seeking help will have you regain your control and be objective.

Build on higher love

The biggest need of any human being is to be loved. It is an innate desire and need. This need can only be fulfilled by a higher being. Allow God to love you to wholeness. This way, you won’t settle for less than you deserve.

Work on your self-esteem

Low self-esteem affects self-perception. Establish the root course of your insecurity and address it. Remember you are uniquely you and that is enough. The right person will love you despite your flaw.

Establish standards and live them out loud

We teach people how to treat us, develop a manual for them. Standards establish bare minimums. Stop settling and aim for the best of love.

Step back

It’s been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give people room to miss your presence. At times taking a step back allows the other person to really see your value.

Pursue other things

The mind is a powerful machine, shift your focus to other fulfilling things and it will in no time get accustomed to the new reality.

In conclusion, keep hope alive and be open to love. Love is all around us, we only need to learn and understand what it looks like. Good people with similar desires do exist. May healthy love locate you.

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