What To Expect From Nairobi Design Week 2024

Returning for its 9th edition on 9th March 2024 is Nairobi Design Week, which will take place at Opportunity Factory, under the theme ‘We Got This’. Among the highlights of Nairobi Design Week 2024 is a vibrant array of products, technologies, fashion, digital works and interactive experiences. 

Ananse Africa, a marketplace that fosters fashion entrepreneurship, hosts an exhibit and a masterclass on ecommerce and digital marketing. Circleg exhibits their recently launched prosthetics, inviting visitors to learn how design combines with prosthetic care to change lives. Supported by the British Council, Creative DNA unveils the works of 18 emerging fashion designers, offering a glimpse into Kenya’s dynamic fashion landscape. Africa Collect Textiles will repurpose denim into wristbands for visitors, and host a textile photo booth. 

The festival will also feature thought-provoking installations and engaging discussions. Nairobi Design and Opportunity Factory have created a mural to stand for ending violence against women. Hisi Studio will present a braille installation for visitors to interact with. Panel discussions and workshops on the Baraza stage will delve into cutting-edge topics such as AI and future technologies, courtesy of Microsoft. 

Maison Interactive, in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya, have digitized and immortalized the nation’s world heritage sites. Through a combination of 360 film production and 3D modeling, they documented iconic locations such as Fort Jesus, Thimlich Ohinga, Mnarani, Jumba la Mtwana and Takwa.

The festival also has a competition, which is the Redesign Everything Challenge by What Design Can Do that encourages applications from Kenyan entrepreneurs who have product, service and communication ideas that highlight the strides made in circular design and sustainability. It’s open to all and offers an accelerator programme and cash prizes to winners. Rethread Africa is a previous winner of the prize and will display their textiles made from pineapple fibers at the festival.

The 2024 edition of Nairobi Design Week will run until 17th March 2024.

Frank Njugi is a Kenyan Culture journalist and Arts Critic.