Wembe Squad Premieres in Style At The Anga Cinema Diamond Plaza

The Wembe Squad Web Series Premier went down at the Anga Cinema in Diamond Plaza this past Sunday. The event, which was graced by both the members of the cast and crew is historical. This is because it is the very first Kenyan web series premiere.

As the organizers had promised, attendees got to watch the first 3 episodes of the comic web series. They also got to interact with the cast and crew. Some of the people present included cast members Ibrahim Muchemi, Keiran Ratanya, Ben Tekee, Lucy Wache, and Arthur Sanya among others. Crew members in attendance were casting director Justin Mirichii, production manager Mercy Wangui and writer and director John Jumbi just to mention a few.

Wembe Squad’s storyline revolves around two police officers Masta and Selekta who must up their game in order to handle the dangerous criminal entity dubbed the Kibiriti Gang. Despite the short length of the episodes, the film is able to bring out details about the characters. For example, the ironical spirituality of the gang members.

According to the writer John Jumbi, Wembe Squad was written during the lockdown period. He did so to calm himself down amidst the uncertainty. John further explained that this web series was a manifestation of his long-time dream to write a crime story. Wembe Squad is inspired by the buddy cop theme that is common in many crime comedies.

John also stated that the web series’ title was influenced by his wish to have a cheesy name that wasn’t too serious. Apart from the hilarious script, attendees were further intrigued by the comic Sheng film credits roll. The Wembe Squad production team acknowledged that the major challenges they have faced so far are funding and distribution. Despite the setbacks, the team is in talks with relevant government agencies to make the series accessible to as many people as possible.

Details on where to watch the full web series will be availed soon. Click here to watch the trailer.

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