Weekend Touch: 3 Chores To Do Every Weekend That Will Smoothen Your Week

Weekends should be spent relaxing from the stress of the week and spending time with family and friends rather than have chores.

Using the work week to finish off your chores is an effective way to free up the weekend.

However, if you don’t want to commit to big lifestyle changes, like staying home on Fridays, maybe just some warm-up planning exercises will get you organised, liberating your weekend one hour at a time.

Maintaining a regular weekend routine of doing certain chores can help set the tone for a productive and organized week ahead.

In turn, this will also free up your weekend because everything is planned and orderly and you are not running catch up instead.

By consistently incorporating these three chores into your weekend routine, you can start each week with a clean and organized living space, a well-thought-out meal plan, and a clear plan of action.

Here are three essential chores you can do every weekend to smoothen your week:

  1. Cleaning and Tidying:
    • Deep Cleaning: Dedicate some time on the weekend to tackle deeper cleaning tasks that you might not have time for during the week. This could include vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, cleaning the bathroom, and washing bed linens.
    • Decluttering: Spend some time decluttering your living spaces. Put away items that are out of place, organize your belongings, and consider donating or getting rid of things you no longer need.
    • Laundry: Ensure all your laundry is done, including folding and putting away clothes. This will help you start the week with a clean and organized wardrobe.
  2. Meal Planning and Preparation:
    • Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the upcoming week. Decide what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Make a shopping list based on your meal plan to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients.
    • Meal Prep: Spend some time on the weekend preparing ingredients in advance. You can chop vegetables, marinate proteins, or cook a batch of grains or pasta. This will save you time during busy weekdays.
    • Batch Cooking: Consider preparing larger batches of certain meals that you can portion and freeze for future use. This is especially helpful for busy evenings when you don’t have time to cook from scratch.
  3. Planning and Organization:
    • Calendar Review: Review your calendar for the upcoming week. Ensure you’re aware of any important appointments, deadlines, or commitments.
    • To-Do List: Create a to-do list for the week, prioritizing tasks and setting goals. Knowing what needs to be accomplished will help you stay focused and productive.
    • Home Office or Workspace: If you work from home or have a designated workspace, take some time to organize and clean it. A tidy workspace can enhance your productivity and reduce stress.

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