Party Plan: Simba Sitoi Live at The Alchemist

Simba Sitoi is a Mozambican hip-hop artist, songwriter, director and activist who has been a cultural ambassador for hip-hop in Southeast Africa. He is a rapper that advocates cultural awareness through hip-hop. Furthermore, his music incorporates Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk combined with his Mozambican Afro-beat upbringing. He is going to be live for the first time in Kenya this Friday at The Alchemist.

“When I started my career the objective was different. I just wanted to sing and touch people with my music, but I was not ready for the world. I didn’t know that people from Brazil to Atlanta would be listening to my music, inviting me to do shows.”

“Now I am ready, this show in Kenya is me presenting the new me to the world. I want to be a more mature version of myself.”

Simba Sitoi jetted in and visited Made In Kibera, Made In Kibera is a project by  Kibera Creative Artist. It aims to unify the voices of Kibera artists, in order to spread their story around the world. Simba Sitoi will be running a workshop on the role hip-hop can have in promoting peace and gender equality.

“Why Kenya? Because now that I am launching myself as Simba Sitoi I want it to be internationally, as an international rapper, not just in Mozambique.  To give a new beginning to Simba Sitoi it would be fair for it to be in Africa. “

I also thought it was important to launch in a Swahili speaking country, because of my name, Simba. I chose the name Simba because of its power, so I wanted to ‘give birth’ to this new persona somewhere where people would know what Simba means”

“I also hear that there is a great hip-hop scene in Kenya, with an old school vibe and original sounds”.

This Friday, Simba Sitoi will be joined by some of Nairobi’s best rappers. Its poised to be an amazing African hip-hop affair which will bring together the best of Nu Nairobi and old school Kenyan hip-hop. Expect appearances  from Barak Jacuzzi , Marcus Wii, and also hip hop veterans Sharama Ukooflani and Nafsi Huru. Also Taio Tripper and DJ Lasta will be on the decks.

Keep up with the event here. Buy your tickets to Simba Sitoi at KSH500 here

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