We Were So Scared After Making A Comeback – Elani

While everything looked fine for Elani after their recent comeback that saw them even drop an album, on the inside, the three artists were trembling.

“We were so scared when we dropped the song after a long break. You know you can plan so well, and when the song is out, you get a negative response,” Elani said in an interview with the Star. 

“We thank our fans for their response and for welcoming us with open arms, having waited patiently for the song.”

Elani have released a new single dubbed “Jinsi” which is from their comeback album ” Colours Of Love.” The song is rather a continuation of “Heartbeat” which they released several years ago and basically talks about love.

Elani, in the interview, also said that a lot of artists have approached them for collabos.

“People have approached us for collabos on email, on Facebook, and the thing about us is that we are not opposed to writing music with people, so long as you show us content. Just prove to us you are worth the time,” they said. 

Listen to their new music below:

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