“We Only Celebrate People When They Pass” Avril On Minimal Music Views

Over a weak ago, singer Avril released a single ‘Danger’ featuring Brandy Maina.

A few hours later, Kenyan fashion designer, Nimrod Nick noticed Avril’s new music video had barely had 1,000 views and took to social media to express his dissatisfaction writing;

“Y’all doing April dirty.”

Nimrod went ahead to ask;

“What could be the issue?”

Avril Responds to Music Video Low views concern

The Nikimuona singer responded to the low views concerns, writing;

“Don’t worry when I die the songs I’ve done over time will trend atleast for a while, maybe even get love. Never worry.”

She added, “Thanks for the post, the mockery and the Love.”

In a recent interview, Avril spoke further about her comment, adding;

“We only Celebrate People When they pass, don’t we?”

She cited how the former president Kibaki was celebrated after his passing.

The singer celebrated her time at Ogopa Deejays during the interview, and how it helped her get established and guided her later as an independent artist.

“Ogopa Deejays was amazing, it was a lovely journey.” She said

“They had the structure, it was the first label that we had in Kenya which consisted of a studio and managers. They were not just doing music for fun, it was an actual enterprise.”

The entrepreneur also spoke about her family, skincare business ‘My everything by Avril’ and revealed she’s working on an EP.