We Can Borrow Event Skills From World Cup – Muthoni Drummer Queen

Singer Muthoni Drummer Queen has advised Kenyan event organizers to borrow pointers from the ongoing World Cup festival.

MDQ gave the example of the Dubai Fifa Fan Festival which is 650km away from the city but has managed to attract almost 10,000 people daily.

Muthoni believes that Kenyan event organizers can duplicate the same success if they borrow.

“You do not have to reinvent the wheel, just learn from successful events and adopt what works for you,” she says.

“It is the World Cup so a lot of eyeballs are looking for ways to watch their favorite teams. It is all about figuring out what experience football fans are looking for and curating it.”

The Fifa Fan Festival has seen top artists such as Moroccan American rapper, French Montana, French rapper, Koba LaD and South London-born artiste and Tion Wayne.

Muthoni believes this is something we can copy and benefit from.

“It is about time we started creating world-class events in Kenya that attract audiences from far and wide; festival tourism is a real thing,” she said.

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