WCW: Times Natalie Tewa Served Us Natural Hair  Goals

Celebrated Kenyan fashion and beauty Youtuber Natalie Tewa has been serving fro goals since she came to the limelight about two years ago.

Natalie Tewa is a wonderful example of beauty and brains landing her today’s Woman Crush Wednesday Title.

Natalie Tewa - Nairobi fashion hub - African fashion Blog

Growing up, she attended Makini Primary, Precious Blood High School, and Brookhouse International. She later attended the University of Leeds in The Uk to study Architectural Engineering.

Natalie has time and again confessed to taking the biggest leap of faith when she quit her prestigious job to pursue Youtube and influencing as a full time career.

Speaking during a previous interview on how she started her Youtube channel, Natalie said, “I started my YouTube channel in 2015. I wanted to document my fitness path while I was doing the two-month insanity programme to kick start my journey. I was also hoping to inspire someone out there. With this new fitness expedition, I started my natural hair journey and that is what made my channel pick up. Many girls at the time had decided to stop using chemicals on their hair just as I did.”

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Her soft-spoken nature coupled with a sassy and classy attitude has won her fans far and wide. This bubbly globe-trotting Youtuber serves body and hair goals effortlessly.

She was named among the top 100 most influential young Kenyans last year, a fact that remains undisputed among her almost 200,000 fans.

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On her Youtube channel, she has various tutorial videos on how women can achieve hair like hers and how she maintains er 4b/4c natural hair.

Natalie Tewa - Nairobi fashion hub - African fashion Blog

To get more hair inspiration, you can each her videos here: https://youtu.be/srH5xEH8xbc

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