How To Get Back In The Ring When The Going Gets Tough

Have you ever been so beaten up by life that you found yourself just gazing at the surroundings and wondering “at what point did I get here?”. How is it that rock bottom has a bottom? I thought they said that the beauty of hitting rock bottom is you can only come back up? Well, at some point I thought they lied because it felt like rock bottom had several basements that I kept on discovering just when I thought things would change.

If you are like me, life has happened at some point and no matter what you tried it seemed like you just kept sinking deeper into the dark hole. If you can resonate with this then you know what it means to desire some light in the dark tunnel, that is if you can recognize that where you are is a tunnel and if there are bulbs.

Truth is difficult seasons come but how do you keep going when you feel like is there is no strength left? Below are some practical tips that really helped me in my season of wilderness.

Guard your heart

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life “, Proverbs 4:23, Holy Bible. Be mindful of what you allow in. What you hear, read, see dictates the state of your mind. Listen to encouraging content and your spirit is kept encouraged.

Pick up a new habit or learn a new skill

I came to discover that I thoroughly enjoy reading. Try out something new, maybe you are the next chef in waiting.

Practice mindfulness 

It’s okay to go through the motions of emotions. A good cry is extremely therapeutic. Enjoy the happy days too, laugh unapologetically, do not postpone feeling happy for the day things get better. Live in the now.

Remember tough times don’t last

I promise you that this is a season and it will come to pass. Pick up the lessons and gather up wisdom for the next season.

Ask for help

Don’t shy away from asking for help even Batman has a sidekick and the rest of the avengers. You don’t have to go through this alone, it’s okay not be okay!

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