Wax Print On Show At This Month’s Thrift Social

Almost nothing speaks to the level of style and cool usually in evidence at the Nairobi Thrift Social – an event that brings together the city’s trendiest and most eclectic lovers of music and fashion – to network, collaborate and just chill and have a good time doing it.

It was the creative vision of “2manysiblings” (Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike) and has grown in stature to become one of the most buzz-worthy moments on our calendars. Artistry flows throughout each and every event from the outfits to the different vendors showcasing their product and to the musicians who tie the whole thing together.

Denim was featured during the last event in August to great effect. And it was no different this past Sunday! Taking place at Privee in Westlands – it showcased a ‘Wax Print’ concept and was supported by sounds by Taio, Mix Master Lenny and a special appearance from DJ SteLooLive from Ghana.


credit: Nairobiphoet

Style is equal to freedom and Thrift Social is definitely helping to expand that idea into the city’s psyche – how do clothes and music help define what you are all about? Where do you shop? How do you put things together? What colours make you smile?


credit: Nairobiphoet

The revolution is growing fast – emphasized by Velma and Oliver’s recent feature in Vogue. They spoke about Thrift Social from the conceptualization of the event to its current place as part of Nairobi’s most fashionable calendar:

The 20-something siblings use the Thrift Socials as an opportunity to spotlight the flourishing network of creative individuals throughout the continent. Championing the designs of young African designers like Fashion Mountain, M+ K Nairobi, and their own brand, Rossa and Asike have shifted the conversation on fashion in Africa.”


credit: Nairobiphoet

The thrift social is the understanding that we are all unique individuals and we really shouldn’t pay any attention to perceptions about us that don’t matter!


credit: Nairobiphoet

You can find out more about the brains behind Thrift Social in Nairobi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and check out their pages to see exactly what it is you may have missed – just to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

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