Watendawili On Why They Left Sol Generation

Kenyan Boy band Watendawili, formerly known as Kaskazini revealed why they parted ways with Sol Generation.

Watendawili who featured on Sol Generation’s ‘Extravaganza’, a single that introduced the world to the label’s artists, were also featured in Sauti Sol’s ‘Rhumba Japani’ and recently performed in Bien’s and Aaron Rimbui’s ‘Bald Man Experience.’ Concert.

“It was all too much too fast” Watendawili On Sol Generation Departure

During an interview with The Nation, the duo consisting of Eugene Ywaya and Israel Onyach said they found it difficult to adapt to the lifestyle change that happened in the blink of an eye. “It was all too much too fast. From the beginning, we had a humble story and we were well invested in a process that would get us from point A to B. Then, all of a sudden, we found ourselves at point B.” They said. “It became hard to adapt to the lifestyle.” They added.

Watendawili explained their predicament by further noting “Even in the studio booth, we had cameras flashing at us and still the expectation was high. Suddenly, we lost sight of the goal and it became less about creating music that moved us, and more about ensuring we pleased a number of people who had given us a shot at something great.”

“There was a lot of pressure to deliver, which is understandable considering the people we were working with. At times we felt small among the legends we were working with. But it was a learning experience; there is a lot we had to learn fast and unlearn much faster during that stint.” They said in the interview.

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